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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

I keep staring at the amount of work in front of me and the pile is so large that it never seems to shrink, it feels like I'm just getting no where. However, this morning I was talking to a friend not about what still needed done but about what we could check off our list as finished. I've made a lot more progress than I ever realized.

The list of things accomplished:
  • Bylaws Written
  • Steps for Dissolution Written
  • Conflict of Interest Policy Written
  • Job Descriptions for 5 Main Positions Written
  • Job Openings for 5 Main Positions Filled
  • Board of Directors sat to fulfill required quorum, 1 of 2 remaining slots being considered by our top choices
  • Articles of Incorporation written, filed, and approved by US Gov.
  • Application for EIN written, filed, and approved by US Gov.
  • 1st through 3rd years projected budgets complete AND feasible
  • Federal tax form 1023 for federal tax-exempt status complete with the exception of corporate website and email. Now I just need to find a CPA and attorney to look them over and authorize them for submittal...
  • Web site(s) decided and basic design needs for a domain host determined. Our WebMaster will secure them ASAP.
So yes, there is still a massive metric butt ton to be done, but it definitely feels incredible to realize that I'm actually making measurable progress!

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