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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Fly Goo

In a wonderful example of object lessons:

After letting the dogs in and out this morning, we had a few flies flitting about the kitchen. My youngest brother decided to go after them with the flyswatter. As he was smashing down the swatter with all his strength, my step-mother was telling him that it was not required to swing that hard, and warning him that he might damage something. Just as he opened his mouth to ask, Why?", he hit a fly. Because he was swinging so hard, the bug exploded; spraying into his open mouth and all over his glasses. My step-mother's response (after she wiped away the tears and could stop laughing): Do you still need me to answer that?


Anonymous said...

An extremely useful life lesson there.

JennEm said...

I love when life lets us combine useful with entertaining. After all, didn't Saturday morning cartoons once teach us that learning is supposed to be fun?

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